Parrots In Need Rescue

Sam Our Blue&Gold Macaw

Parrots in Need Rescue is a registered charity that has been formed by a group of experienced Parrot lovers that just want to help and preserve this wonderful and intelligent species without the politics.. We are dedicated to rescuing neglected, ill-treated or unwanted Parrots and providing them with a forever loving home. No bird will ever be sold or used for breeding and will remain the sole property of Parrots in Need for the rest of its natural life in a safe loving environment. We also attend a lot of shows throughout the Midlands where the public are invited to both see and handle various parrot species and we will endeavour to help answer questions and concerns regarding owning, handling and diet of your own parrots based on our own knowledge gained over the years of experience that our Trustees bring to the Company. We are open at all times to take in all parrots that need to be handed in and do not judge, vast experience with Cockatoo's and Macaws.